What is Forensic Accounting?

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This is a specialist area of accountancy, where accounting skills are deployed in the investigation of fraud or embezzlement, and financial information is analysed for use in legal proceedings. A Forensic Accountant role entails the application of analysing, interpreting, summarising and presenting complex financial and business related issues in a manner that clearly identifies and […]

How RMI & Henderson Accountants can help?

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Our forensic accounting department specialises in providing expert witness, investigation and litigation support to law firms, corporate, arbitrators, general counsel and insurers. Our team focuses on the following areas: Fraud investigations Investigating allegations of fraud or locating assets. We have considerable experience in achieving successful outcomes for clients. Dispute services Experience in the dispute management […]

Forensic Accounting-All you wanted to know!!!

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Forensic Accounting-All you wanted to know!!! Forensic accounting is the combination or integration of auditing, accounting and investigative skills. “Forensic accounting” provides analysis of accounts suitable to the court which usually forms the basis for debate, discussion and ultimately dispute resolution. Forensic accounting encompasses both investigative accounting and litigation support.  Forensic accountants utilize auditing, accounting […]

Keeping a Check on the Fraudulent Activities

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Keeping a Check on the Fraudulent Activities There are many people who wish to be successful by indulging into all kinds of fraudulent activities. So, we need professionals who have the necessary qualifications and experience to keep a check on such activities and stop them from happening. There are professional accountants, known as Forensic Accountants, […]