Dispute services Fraud Investigations
Experience in the dispute management process, combined with our core forensic skills, assists parties to optimise their position in negotiated settlements and through to provision of expert witness. Investigating allegations of fraud or locating assets requires experience and skill. We have considerable experience in achieving successful outcomes for clients.
Asset tracing Business Valuation
Assessing your chances of making a suitable financial recovery from a civil claim is key to litigation success. We have significant experience in tracing and recovering assets for clients. Dedicated to investigative research and intelligence gathering, whether for Integrity Due Diligence purposes, on fraud or anti-corruption investigations, or to assist clients in situations of commercial dispute.
Divorce Investigation Personal Injury Claim
Our team is often instructed as a forensic accountant to carry out an investigation when a couple is going through divorce. OurĀ forensic accountancy teamĀ is able to deal with the many issues involved in understanding and calculating the losses that arise from a road traffic accident or a clinical negligence claim.

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