Divorce Investigation

Lady Justice

As forensic accountants, we are able to conduct a financial investigation for couples who are going through a divorce.

We are often approached to act on behalf of one spouse to investigate and trace assets that they believe the other spouse is hiding from them. Using forensic accounting skills, we investigate and report the findings in relation to income and assets, and on the value of a business or a private company that one of them may have an interest in or holds shares in.

Our forensic accounting team are experienced in dealing with highly sensitive information and issues that arise from matrimonial disputes and divorces.  We aim not to aggravate the circumstances in which the parties find themselves in and work closely with the spouse’s solicitors.


We offer the following services:

  • Identification of marital assets and liabilities
  • Valuations of minority or controlling interests in all businesses, including family-owned businesses
  • Analyses of the operations and accounting of small businesses, including the identification of personal expenses that may flow through the businesses
  • Determination of commercial versus personal goodwill
  • Determination of “income” for spousal/child support purposes
  • Communication of results both in a written report and at trial

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